The Boxing Team Builder Program

The Boxing Team Building Program

at The Ring Boxing Club

The Boxing Team Builder. Change The Workplace.

The best managers all know team building has no endpoint – trust, collaboration and problem-solving only flourish in workplaces where common purpose is consistently renewed with new goals and fresh challenges. That’s why at The Boxing Team Builder, we’ve created a unique experience which gives professional teams an insight into the world of boxing and opportunity to test themselves in the toughest game out there!

What to Expect

The session starts with a welcome from our team of experienced boxing coaches and a quick overview of what we’ll be looking to achieve. Once we’ve given you the kit you need, you’ll be put to the test in a series of objective-based challenges. To ensure you get the most out of the experience, we’ve created three types of session for you to pick from.

The Sugar Ray Team Builder Program

  • Sugar Ray Leonard didn’t just box, he played the game! This session is about cunning and mental focus. Participants will be split into teams and pitted against each other in a series of contests where problem-solving and original thinking is rewarded.
  • 8-16 participants.
  • No boxing experience required.
  • 75-90 minutes.

The Hitman Team Builder Program

  • When Thomas Hearns entered the ring in the iconic yellow shorts of Detroit’s Kronk Gym, you were about to watch a war. Inspired by Hearn’s legendary physical prowess, our Hitman session is a gruelling crash course on the noble art. You’ll learn the biomechanics of throwing punches in combinations and how to box up close and at distance.
  • Advanced level of physical fitness required and a history in sport recommended.
  • 8-16 participants.
  • 75-90 minutes.

The Hands of Stone Team Builder Program

  • Inspired by Roberto Duran, our Hands of Stone session is as versatile as the Panamanian genius it’s named after. Pads, circuits, and bag work are all combined to create a technical and physically involved session.
  • Mixed ability.
  • 16-32 participants.
  • 75 minutes.

The Team Building Coaches

The sessions will be run by boxing veterans and pro coaches Mark ‘The Burf’ Burford and Frank Greaves. Between them, Frank and Burf have 70 years of experience coaching boxers at various levels, including successful professionals. Both possess a comprehensive knowledge of the sweet science – and they enjoy a good laugh too. Make no mistake: Burf and Frank will make you a contender and help you recast your workplace!

Mark 'The Burf' Burford
Mark 'The Burf' Burford
Frank Greaves
Frank Greaves

The Venue

Our venue is the historic Ring Boxing Club, London’s most iconic boxing arena. Established in 1910, The Ring has trained and promoted fighters throughout the history of the sport. Beneath two massive railway arches, The Ring combines the slickness of a modern boxing gym with an authentic throwback feel. While you’re with us, the arches are yours. Just two minutes from Southwark tube station, it’s also easy to get to!

The Ring Boxing Club
The Ring Boxing Club


How to book

Boxing Team Building sessions are designed for groups of 8-32 individuals depending on the program you choose. To find out more about pricing and scheduling your team building, please use the form below and we will get back to you promptly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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